There you go now fuck off

by Minge Wizard

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released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Minge Wizard Australia

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Track Name: LRB
Fuck your noise, don't you know who she is
The reason your socks are covered in jizz
She's why they call us both the pert pair
Hypnotise you with her long wild hair

Drink Lambrini, Woop de woo
Two fine bitches doin what they do
Canal boozing in London town
Watch out cunt she'll ride you down

Vegan princess, koala mum
Knitting a storm, sexiest bum
We're from fucking Essex
Never forget!
Laura Ruth Baxendale
Track Name: Train to Trutnov
Grind with us throw your fists in the air
Don't shower for a week and fuck all your cares
Time to grind

Crusties, punks and cross dressing men
The naked swedish couple with brown leather skin
Wogghead and Ryan are fucked off their tits
Gino's gonna penetrate you with his 12 inch

People puking down passenger windows
Everyone looks like a fucking hobo
Smells like pigs in a binbag
Toilet's just a hole in the train floor

Yeah, time to grind!
Track Name: Careful now
Stand your own ground
Don't let them win
Fuck the haters
Do what you want

They're just jealous cause you're awesome
Live out your dreams
And defeat them

You just be careful now

Nasty fuckface, insecure
Full of hatred
Loves to abhor

They hate you, but we rate you
They suffocate you, don't let em screw you
Track Name: Penile exclusion
You cannot fuck me for buying me a drink
I see you scheming, no I'm not desperate

Why do you think I would put out?
Think that you can purchase my trout?

Fuck right off you lanky loser
I don't want your filthy tosser
That schlong isn't going in here
But I'll get fucked up on free beer

No no no!
Track Name: Suck my wang
Corporate wanker, I wanna fuck you up
Took all the budget for our environment

Big-eared bastard, nobody's your fan
Suck my, suck my, suck my wang
Dredging the reef and wrecking the land
Suck my, suck my, suck my wang

Don't you know nobody likes you
Square go mate, I'll fucking fight you
International disgrace
Erase you from the human race
Track Name: Pizza drunk
Pizza drunk! Pizza drunk!
Grab a slice and let's get crunk

Fan bake, heat's on
Pizza in, pack a bong
All clothes off
Time to scoff
Topping baking
Arses shaking

Savour the flavour
That Italy gave ya
Smell the aroma
Food baby coma

Sweetcorn, hummus,
Avo, pepper,
Chilli and spinach
Every ho
Loves oregano
And basil
Onion, garlic
Chef skills so sick
Track Name: Serial pooper
What lurks underneath there?
Turds inside your swimwear

Papers called it unfortunate
On a mission out late
Every Friday without fail
Legendary Southland tale

Took the cleaners all night
To remove his hefty shite
Famous around the world
All the nannas would've hurled

It must be the serial pooper
He's such a fucking trooper
Shitting in the kiddy pool
Squat aquatic king of cool

It must be the serial pooper
What a filthy cunt
Track Name: Only the English make good cider
Only English make good cider
Farmhouse scrumpy deep inside ya

Apples rotting
Sediment floating
Makes you go blind
Best shit you'll ever find

Tastes a bit like vinegar
Won't be able to walk far
Seeing stuff that doesn't exist
Best way of getting pissed

Only English make good cider
Farmhouse scrumpy deep inside ya
Cider poo, cider poo
It's out to get both me and you
Track Name: Queefs are nature's party poppers
Have a bang, get a smang
Time to worship pussy
Take a lick, insert dick
Thrust it nice and deeply

Queefs are nature's party poppers

Afterwards, a nice surprise
Listen up and close your eyes
A juicy fanny fart emerges
Satisfies your vulva urges
Track Name: Slut and proud
Loose lips
Fanny like a wizard's sleeve

Sausage down a corridor

Why is it the girl you're blaming
People shouldn't be slut shaming
Is it cause you're insecure
So you call that girl a whore

I'm a slut and proud
Sing it now out loud
Who cares what they say
I'll still fuck like cray

Fuck oath I'm sleazy
Who cares? I'm easy

Who cares what you do
Fuck around stay true